Action stations! It’s National Sewing Machine Day

Stop what you’re doing! Tomorrow is a day of national celebration of the humble sewing machine – here’s how you can join in the fun…

Ah the sewing machine… it’s our trusty friend (or occasionally enemy when a needle snaps or bobbin thread runs out) and the ultimate ‘could-not-live-without’ piece of tech on our sewing tables. So given that 13th June is a day of national celebration of this cleverest of machines, surely we’re allowed to drop everything and run to our sewing desks, pronto?

What are you waiting for?

Get the party started! How to celebrate

1 Spring clean your machine

Let’s face it, we give them a pretty thorough workout, but when was the last time you got your machine serviced? We always suggest taking your machine to a professional for a proper service regularly, but if you can’t for any reason we’ve put together a free guide to cleaning and maintaining your machine.

Sewing machine skills boost2. Refresh your skills

Whether you’ve just invested in your first ever machine and have no idea where to start, or you’re already pretty confident with the basics but want to try some new things, we’ll have something for you! We’re creating a machine-stitching masterclass here on our website, split into bite-sized chunks so you can pick the bit you want to tackle next. Check out our Skills Boost posts and dive in.

3. Try our 10 top tips

Try these ideas for getting more from your machine sewing in this 10 tips for machine sewing post.

4. Take a free video class

From Sew Ready: Machine Basics to Machines for Sewing Knit Fabrics and Machine Savy: Tips for Creative Sewing, video course pros Craftsy have got a handy selection of free resources to boost your skills.

5. Get to know your needles

If you haven’t already tried out different needles for different fabrics, prepare to be amazed! Adjusting your needle choice can revolutionise how easily fabric moves through your machine and the end results. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide to sewing machine needle types.

6. Treat yourself

If all this talk of the sewists’ favourite tool has got you thinking of updating your model, or finally treating yourself, we’ve put together some tips for what to look for when buying a sewing machine here.

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