Calling all Liberty lovers

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Fresh from getting our Liberty fix at this September’s Liberty in Fashion exhibition, we’re counting to the on air debut of Liberty’s brand new fabric collection on Sewing Quarter TV this weekend!

But why stop at admiring vintage dresses when we can get Liberty fabrics on our sewing tables today? Liberty have announced a new fabric collection in partnership with EQS, and the new range will be available from our sister TV channel Sewing Quarter in a few days – exciting eh?

Sew the look – new Liberty cotton fabrics revealed

There’s no doubt that Liberty fabric can turn a good sewing project into an outstanding one, whether used in its entirety or added to patchwork. By combining their floral prints, or simply including a splash or two – you can give a quilt that instant ‘wow’ factor. So we’re delighted to announce that Liberty has launched a brand new quilting-weight fabric collection, The English Garden.

The new range  reimagines classic nineteenth century floral prints, inspired by the colours of nature. It’s their first quilting range for some time, and, true to form, it’s a delicious combination of intricate florals in a pastel palette. Our sister brand, Sewing Quarter, will be stocking the collection this weekend. And to bring it to life, they’ve enlisted the help of top quilting experts, who’ll demonstrate some project ideas live on their TV channel.

We’re lucky enough to have an early preview of the fabrics here in the Simply Sewing office and we’ve spied  23 designs in 3 colourways. The prints draw on Liberty’s library of past fabrics dating back over 150 years, we can’t wait to have a play with them.

EQS Liberty English Garden fabric swatches

This Saturday will see the new range demoed live on Sewing Quarter TV. If you haven’t seen it yet you can watch the shows on Freeview 78 or online at The Liberty launch starts at 8am and we hear on the grapevine that designer Jenni Smith will be showcasing quilt projects to show off the fabrics, and revealing the full collection up close!

The story of Liberty

Liberty is one of Britain’s most iconic brands, labelled ‘the chosen resort of the artistic shopper’ by Oscar Wilde. Established in 1875, founder Arthur Lasenby Liberty’s vision was to change the face of fashion and homeware by bringing a taste of the orient to London.

Arthur Liberty was a draper in his early career, and so fabric was always at the heart of his new store’s proposition. Tapping into Britain’s growing appetite for the Art Nouveau aesthetic, his fabrics offered the consumer something new – something that was both exotic and yet quintessentially British. ‘We flatter ourselves that we have created a new “English” period,’ said John Llewellyn, of Liberty’s silk department, in 1889.

More than 140 years on, Liberty is still a wonderland of luxurious furnishings, sumptuous fabrics and wearable works of art, with a distinct ‘Britishness’ at its core.

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From romantic, densely patterned garments from the post-war 1930s to the Art Nouveau revival of the 1950s and Swinging 1960s, then Seventies Pastoralism with its characteristic smocking, we were lucky enough to see beautiful Liberty fabrics and vintage garments up close at this Autumn’s The Great British Sewing Bee Live exhibit by the Fashion and Textile Museum. © Fashion and Textile Museum/Daniel Lewis.