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We can feel it in the air, can you? We’ve filled our latest issue 36 with me-made gift ideas to treat your friends and family this Christmas, but what do you do for the people who aren’t so suitable for a DIY gift? Fear not, we’re here to help!

Much as we’d love to, we’re not wonder women and we can’t make presents for EVERYONE. If you’re struggling to think of what to make for that office Secret Santa who might not appreciate your handiwork anyway, it’s time to get online shopping!

Introducing our new ‘Tell your friends’ offer

Our new ‘Tell a Friend’ scheme could help you cut the costs of your online Christmas shopping. We’re sending out Amazon vouchers to everyone who spreads the word about Simply Sewing magazine to their friends and family. Share your love of sewing today and if any of your friends subscribe, they’ll save 40% AND we’ll send you both a £5 Amazon voucher to say thank you!

If you tell more than one friend and they all subscribe, you’ll get a new voucher for each person who takes us up on the offer. And if 5 friends subscribe, we’ll send you a craft bundle of goodies worth £100 too.

Give it a go and tell your friends today over at

Ho ho ho…. we do love the giving gifts bit of the festive season!

Homemade gift ideas from Simply Sewing issue 36

Don’t forget we’re crammed issue 36 full of delightful DIY gift ideas too – including a special Christmas Makes mini magazine and our special feature on gift ideas for all the family (pictured above).

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