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Our latest issue is all about ending our summer of sewing on a high note, and what better way to do so than with a spot of shopping for fabric, patterns and the sewing essentials? Shiny new website is our new go-to for all things fabric, and it’s a one-stop-shop for fabric, patterns, basics… Continue reading

Finding inspiration for your sewing

Nicki Trench shares her current obsession, inspiration and the best tip for fabric shopping

Simply Sewing meets Lauren Guthrie

Meet the designer behind the collar dress in Simply Sewing issue 1, Lauren Guthrie

Meet Great British Sewing Bee contestant, Sewing Soldier Neil

Neil, Great British Sewing Bee 3 contestant

We caught up with the sewing soldier, Neil of Great British Sewing Bee 3 who shares his most embarrassing sewing moment, ever. Read on to find out what it is… Please tell us a bit about yourself and where your passion for sewing began. I started sewing at Sek Kong Primary School in Hong Kong at… Continue reading

Meet Great British Sewing Bee contestant, Matt Chapple

Great British Sewing Bee 3

We catch up with self-taught sewer, Matt of and Great British Sewing Bee 3 contestant. Find out how he started sewing, where he finds inspiration and what his very first project was…

Great British Sewing Bee, BBC2

Series 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee returns 28 January 2015, giving makers a legitimate excuse to stay in every Wednesday…

Pincushion patterns – our cup of tea

There’s nothing quite like getting behind the sewing machine, hot cup of tea in hand, ready for a good stitching session. Only, our brew never stay warm long enough, by the time we go to inhale sip our tea it’s ice cold. Sound familiar? We’ve found just the make that’ll serve as a reminder to… Continue reading

Meet designer-maker Pygmy Cloud

Pygmy Cloud. Whether we say it loud or whisper, those words sweep us off to a wonderland high up in the mountains where stars shine bright and little people dwell. How fitting then as Diana reveals the perfect transportation to get us to such creative peaks: easy-sew hot air balloon coasters (get the pattern in… Continue reading

DIY clay and fabric jewellery dish

Give your jewellery dish an elegant finish. Here’s a look at how your fabric scraps will come in handy…