Fast Fat Quarter: how to make baby booties

How to sew baby bootees

Dinky feet will look oh-so-sweet in Jennie Jones’ gorgeous baby booties! They make great baby gifts and are a lovely quick sewing project. This free tutorial is part of our Fast Fat Quarter series of quick and easy sewing projects using only one or two fat quarters of fabric. Enjoy!

How to sew baby booties: step-by-step guide

You will need

Two pieces of fabric approx 15 x 40cm each (we used a fat quarter each of Blueberry Crumble Peach Cobbler, 30387-12 and Crumb Cake, 30388-13 from the Persimmon range by BasicGrey for Moda)


Step one: Cut your pieces using your templates. Take the top of the backs in corresponding fabrics and pin right sides together. Sew 0.5cm from the top.

How to sew baby bootees step 1

Step two: Cut the elastic to about 10cm (depending on how tight you want the heel to be) and pin to the top of the back piece, close to the seam. Pin the elastic the full length of the back, and zigzag stitch with your machine.

How to sew baby bootees step 2

Step three: Open out so the fabric is right sides out. Pull the elastic taut and pin together. Make sure it’s flat so when you top stitch along, it looks straight. Top stitch, just below the elastic.

How to sew baby bootees step 3

Step four: Join the top and back together on one side along the straight edge, matching patterns facing, RS together. Pin.

How to sew baby bootees step 4

Step five: Repeat for the other side then place the corresponding fabric top piece over the pinned back part, RS facing in. You’ll now have a clam-type shape with the back piece sandwiched between the two top pieces. Sew along the straight edge of the tops, securing the back sides in place.

How to sew baby bootees step 5

Open out and you’ll start to see the shoe shape.

How to sew baby bootees step 6

Step six: Match up the middle of the shoe and sole pieces by folding both in half lengthways and pinning. Sew a section around 3cm at the top edge of the bottom and top.

How to sew baby bootees step 7

Step seven: Pin the remaining sole piece WS out, to the top of the other pieces.

How to sew baby bootees step 8

Step eight: Sew around the edge of the sole – leave the 3cm stitched area, so you have a small gap.

How to sew baby bootees step 9

Step nine: Turn RS out, pulling the bootie through the opening. Slip stitch the gap, and you’re done!

How to sew baby bootees step 10

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