DIY fabric pom poms tutorial

DIY fabric pom poms

Welcome to the first of today’s virtual birthday party projects! We’ve made our party playlist, sorted out our venue (we’ll hosting our birthday bash here on the blog, and over on our Facebook, Instagram & Twitter feeds all day today), and now it’s time to decorate…

Read on for Rebecca Reid’s free tutorial for how to sew-up a quick garland of fabric pom-poms. It’s our party, and we’ll sew if we want to! Come back and see us later as we’ll be posting more party makes here on the blog this afternoon, or for our full list of birthday plans, check out our party invite. But for now, let’s sew!

DIY fabric pom poms garland tutorial

Paper garlands can be easily bought in the shops, but only fabric ones will do for us! Make a few of these simple fabric pom coms and string them together for a glitzy garland that Gatsby himself would be proud of.

You will need…

For each pom pom

  • Fabric: 40x32cm (16x13in) – we Glitz fabrics by Michael Miller– see EQS for stockists
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Twine – to hang them from


Each finished pom pom measures 7cm in diameter (234in).

Cutting out the fabric

Step one: Draw a circle with a 7cm (234in) diameter onto paper and cut this out to make the template.

Step two: Place your circle template onto the wrong side (WS) of the fabric, draw around it and cut it out. Repeat to make 20 circles.

Folding the circles

Step one: Cut a length of matching thread. Fold this in half and thread the two ends through your needle.

Step two: Take one fabric circle and fold it in half WS together then half again to make a little fabric wedge.

Fabric pom coms step 1

Assembling the pom pom

Step one: Hold the pointed end of one folded circle between your finger and thumb, then push the needle through the end of it a couple of millimetres up from the bottom. Thread the needle through the loop at the other end and pull up to secure.

Step two: Attach nine more circles in the same way, by folding them and threading them on the end of your needle. Work a tiny stitch after you have threaded each folded circle on to secure.

Fabric pom coms step 2

Step three: Take the thread and sew it back through the first folded circle again so you have a ring of folded circles – this will form one half of your pom pom.

Fabric pom coms step 3

Step four: Repeat with the other ten circles to make the other half of the pom pom.

Step five: Stitch the centre points of one half to the centre points of the other half securely, to finish your pom pom.

Fabric pom poms step 4

Step six : Make several more pom poms in the same way using a variety of fabrics, then thread a length of twine through the centre of each pom pom to hang as a garland.

DIY fabric pom coms tutorial