How to make a monster halloween costume for kids (in just one evening)

How to make a monster costume

Patch up your little monster’s worn jeans with Jessica Entwistle’s tutorial for a quick-sew Halloween costume idea.

Designer Jessica says: “Kids always seem to wear out at least one knee of every pair of jeans and trousers they own – I write from experience! Instead of recycling them, why not upcycle them by adding a monster patch to the knee. It’s really easy to do and the kids love the end result. Here’s my quick and easy version, perfect for Halloween!”

You will need

  • Child’s jeans (we used age 7-8)
  • Fabric scrap: orange, to fit jeans hole
  • Felt scraps: white and black
  • Sewing thread: orange
  • Stranded cotton: orange
  • Basic sewing kit

Easy halloween costume DIY step 0


Download the sewing pattern to make this project in our downloadable pattern sheet PDF from issue 22.

Let’s go: How to refashion jeans with a monster patch!

Cutting out

Step one: Cut away any frayed edges from the hole in the jean knee to make a bigger mouth for your monster.

Step two: Cut the orange fabric so that it is 2cm (3/4in) larger than the hole all the way around.

Step three: Trace around the templates from the pull-out pattern sheet to use as patterns for the monster face.

Step four: Cut out the teeth and eyeballs from white felt and the pupils from black felt by pinning the patterns on the felt and cutting around them. You can enlarge or reduce these on a photocopier if needs be to fit the hole.

Easy halloween costume DIY step 01

Stitching the eye

Step one: Thread your needle with six strands of orange stranded cotton. Sew the black felt pupil onto the white felt eyeball using small straight stitches spaced evenly apart. Make sure they are of a similar length.

Step two: With the needle still threaded, pin the sewn eye to your jeans just above the hole. Refer to the photograph for the positioning for the eye, or place it where you want it to be. Pin and then sew the eye into place using straight stitches.

Step three: Repeat this to pin and stitch the other eye in place.

Easy halloween costume DIY step 02

Adding the teeth

Step one: Work a machine zigzag all the way around the edge of the orange fabric to stop it from fraying.

Step two: Work out the monster teeth placement by pushing the orange fabric and teeth through the hole in your jeans. Once you’re happy with this, sew the monster teeth onto the orange fabric using your sewing machine for added strength.

Easy halloween costume DIY step 03

Stitching the mouth in place

Step one: Pin the monster mouth inside the hole of your jeans.

Easy halloween costume DIY step 04

Step two: Tack the mouth into place to stop it moving while you stitch.

Easy halloween costume DIY step 05

Step three: Using six strands of orange stranded cotton, carefully sew the patch onto your jeans by working a running stitch, then working straight vertical stitches between them. Keep these stitches evenly spaced and worked to the same length.

Easy halloween costume DIY step 06

Step four: Remove the tacking stitches and hand your jeans over to your own delighted little monster.