Free tutorial: kimono cover-up

Taking you from beach to bar, this kimono cover-up by Coats Crafts is a holiday essential and is so easy to sew up – no pattern required!

Wear yours as a beach cover-up on your next summer holiday, or with jeans and a tee at the weekend. Here’s how to make it…You will need

You will need:

  • Fabric, 150x137cm (60x54in)
  • Trim, 6m (optional)
  • Basic sewing kit

Fabrics used:
Feathers from Zandra Rhodes’ Flower Garden collection. Kimono project step oneStep one: Fold your fabric in half lengthways with wrong sides together, matching the two selvedges. Your fabric will now measure 150x68cm (59x2oin). Fold it in half again but in the other direction so the selvedges remain together and press to create a centre fold. Your fabric will now measure 75x68cm (29.5x27in).Kimono project step twoStep two: Open out the whole fabric piece and place it so the selvedges run vertically. Cut along the pressed centre line. Step threeStep three: Create a double-folded hem along this cut centre line and stitch. Work an additional line of stitching at the centre.Step fourStep four: Continue to work a double-folded hem along the remaining raw edges. Pin the sew a trim in place if desired. Step fiveStep five: You will now have a shawl, so you just need to sew up the sides to close them, leaving a gap of around 20cm (8in) each side for your arms. Now your kimono is ready for the beach!Beach kimono