How to sew Christmas Tree bunting

How to make Christmas tree bunting

Reach for the fun prints, gold stitching and shiny sequins – Anna Alicia’s simple tree bunting ticks all the boxes! Find out how to make your own Christmas decorations below…

Scroll down to download our free Christmas decorations sewing patterns to make this project.

This tutorial was first featured in our Christmas Makes book with issue 36 of Simply Sewing magazine. If you’d like to make all 14 projects from the book, it’s still available to download through the Simply Sewing Digital Issues app. See more of Anna Alicia’s work over on instagram @aalicialondon

You will need

  • Fabric A: 30x40cm (12x16in)
  • Fabric B: 30x40cm (12x16in)
  • Fabric C: 30x40cm (12x16in)
  • Cotton tape: 1cm (38in) wide x 1m (1yd) each of two different colours
  • 12 small sequins
  • Narrow cotton cord: 2m (2yds)
  • Metallic machine embroidery thread
  • Matching thread
  • Basic sewing kit
  • Download our free Christmas Decorations sewing patterns here


Use a 1cm (38in) seam allowance throughout.

Cutting out

Step one: Trace the tree template and cut it out.

Step two: Fold fabric A in half with right sides (RS) together. Place the tree template on top and draw around it four times with at least 2cm (34in) between each.

How to make Christmas bunting step 1

Step three: Pin the two layers of fabric together and cut them out 1cm (38in) outside the drawn lines for a seam allowance.

Step four: Repeat this to cut out four trees from fabric B and four trees from fabric C.

Stitching the trees

Step one: Sew along the two longer edges of each tree, along your drawn lines.

Step two: Trim the seams and then turn the trees RS out and press.

How to make Christmas bunting step 2

Step three: Turn the bottom open edges under by 1cm (38in) to the wrong side (WS) and press.

How to make Christmas bunting step 3

Adding a trunk

Step one: Cut 12 lengths of cotton tape measuring 6.5cm (258in).

Step two: Fold the tape in half so the ends meet and press.

How to make Christmas bunting step 4

Step three: Tuck the raw ends of one piece of tape into the bottom of a tree to form the trunk, making sure it’s in the centre.

How to make Christmas bunting step 5

Step four: Pin into place and repeat with all the trees.

Decorating the trees

Step one: Using metallic machine embroidery thread, stitch along the bottom edge of a tree, 2mm (116in) up from the folded under edge and starting 2mm (116in) in from the side.

Step two: Continue to sew from side to side in a zigzag towards the tip of your tree, like tinsel.

How to make Christmas bunting step 6

Step three: Repeat with each tree.

Finishing off

Step one: Stitch the tip of each tree to the narrow cord, spacing them evenly apart and leaving 10cm (4in) of cord at either end.

Step two: Sew a sequin to the tip of each tree.

How to make Christmas bunting step 7

Step three: Tie the ends of the cord into loops, and your bunting is ready to hang.

How to make Christmas bunting step 8