How to make fabric paper chains

How to make fabric paper chains

This clever twist on the traditional paperchain by Jennie Jones will adorn your home with seasonal cheer. Read our step-by-step guide…

Designer Jennie Jones has come up with a cunning way to recapture the pleasure of making paper chains, without having lots of messy paper and glue to clear up afterwards.

This is such a simple project it could even be sewn by hand, making it an ideal holiday project for the kids. But what’s best is that they’ll last for years to come!

Designer Jennie says: “Using OHP paper for these cute little paper chains means they can be reused time and time again. They hold their shape and can be bent into different shapes. But if you prefer you can easily use card, paper, interfacing or wadding instead.” By using OHP paper, a thin, transparent flexible material often made from acetate, the chains can be hung outside without risking damage from wind, rain or snow.

Handmade Christmas decorations fabric paperchains

You will need

  • Two fat quarters – we used festive fabrics from Purple Stitches
  • Velcro: 2cm (34in) width, see instructions for details
  • Card or OHP paper
  • Basic sewing kit

Step one: Cut your fabric into 23×7.5cm (9x3in) strips and your OHP paper or card into 20x3cm (8×114in) strips, making as many as you like.

Step two: Pin a 3cm (114in) velcro piece to the opposite corners of your fabric strip (hook one end and loop the other), 5mm (14in) from the edges on the right side (RS). Sew the velcro into place.

How to make fabric paper chains step 1

Step three: Fold the strip in half lengthways, RS facing, and pin all edges.

How to make fabric paper chains step 2

Step four: Sew along the edges using a 1.5cm (58in) seam allowance, leaving one of the short ends open. Turn RS out and press, then press the open end under.

Step five: Feed in the strip of OHP to the end of the fabric tube.

How to make fabric paper chains step 3

Step six: Sew the end of the strip closed.

How to make fabric paper chains step 4

Step seven: Repeat to make as many times as desired, then arrange in chains by sticking together with the velcro then looping through each other. Alternate fabrics, and hang throughout your home.