Free sewing patterns: How to make a pom pom necklace

A great conversation starter, these little pom pom necklaces only look better with wear, as their edges get tatty. Make a bunch and thread them all together!

You will need (makes one – all materials available at Sew Crafty):

  • 1FQ cotton fabric
  • 1 jump ring
  • 1 necklace chain
  • Basic sewing kit

STEP (1)Step one Cut the fabric into 7x7cm (2.75×2.75in) squares. You should get at least 35 squares, though you may not need to use all of them. STEP (2)Step two Cut these squares into circles by drawing around something or making a circular template. STEP (3) Step three Thread a long length of thread onto your needle and fold it double. Tie a large knot in the end. Fold the first circle in half, then in half again (quartering the size) then half again (so it’s an eight of the size) to make a little fabric cone/triangle. Repeat with all your fabric circles.STEP (4)Step four Thread the needle through the pointy end of one of the fabric cones, 2-3mm up from the point.STEP (5)Step five Continue folding and threading each circle onto the same length of thread until you have ten in a row. Take the thread and sew it back through the first folded circle again so that you have a ring of folded circles to use as a base. Continue taking folded circles and attach them by sewing through the centre of the base ring to the other side. Do this with all the circles to make your pom pom. STEP (6)Step six With your thread still attached, stitch a large jump ring into the centre of the pom pom. STEP (7)Step seven Stitch back and forth through the centre to secure it in place. STEP (8)Step eight Thread your chain through the jump ring and scrunch the pom pom to fluff it out. Your necklace is ready to wear!

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