7 top sewing tips from inspiring stitchers

Whether you’re new to sewing or a seasoned crafter, there are always new skills and techniques to learn – that’s why we love it! Here a few of our favourite stitchers share their top sewing tips and words of wisdom to inspire your future projects. Let’s get sewing!

Claire Louise Hardy - c Katie Hyams

Great British Sewing Bee Sewing Producer, Claire-Louise Hardie: “Give it a go! Unlike cooking, you can almost always fix a sewing mistake with a little patience and an unpicker, so you’ve got nothing to lose by trying.”Amy Butler

Fabric designer Amy Butler: “If you’re going to spend some serious time creating, make sure you work with quality materials and fabrics you love!”

Chinello Bally

GBSB contestant and author Chinelo Bally: “Banish the fear and embrace mistakes. Sometimes they can be discoveries and lead you to create something really beautiful you hadn’t even thought of. Either that or they’re a lesson you learn not to repeat. So it’s win-win!”

Colette Patterns founder Sarai Mitnick: “Don’t give yourself artificial deadlines for finishing things. Just take your time. Whenever I decide that I must finish a project in a day, or by a certain time, something always goes wrong.”Jane Bull

Craft author Jane Bull: “Don’t worry if it’s not perfect. Just have a go, don’t rush it and be pleased with what you’ve achieved. You can always fine-tune it next time.”Mollie Johanson

Embroiderer Mollie Johanson: “My grandma told me that the back of your embroidery should be as pretty as the front, and I think that applies to all kinds of crafts. Don’t just make something that looks good enough when people take a quick glance. Instead, stitch something of quality that holds up to inspection. This is the kind of work that you’ll be proud of making.”

Malka Dubrawsky

Fabric designer and quilter Malka Dubrawsky: “Really embrace colour – don’t let fear get in the way, and don’t second-guess your colour combinations – just trust your instincts and have fun!”

Photo credits: Claire-Louise Hardie photo cr. Katie Hyams; Amy Butler photo cr. David Butler; Sarai Mitnick photo cr. Sarai Mitnick of Colette Patterns; Jane Bull photo cr. Dorling Kindersley, Ant Jones and Jane Bull; Mollie Johanson photo cr Mollie Johanson; Malka Dubrawsky photo cr. Malka Dubrawsky.