Simply Sewing meets Lauren Guthrie

Meet the designer behind the collar dress in Simply Sewing issue 1, Lauren Guthrie


If you’re new to sewing we’d love to introduce you to the gorgeous Lauren Guthrie, author of Learn to Sew with Lauren, Great British Sewing Bee contestant (2013) and designer behind the beautiful collar dress pattern in Simply Sewing issue 1.

Lauren says: “The beauty of making your own clothes is that there are many ways to modify and alter the pattern to suit your own style.” We couldn’t agree more and we hope that you’ve been doing just that with the projects in Simply Sewing: putting your own spin on them.

Here’s a short interview with Lauren who shares her top sewing tip and her favourite projects in our first issue.


Tell us a bit more about you and where you sew.
Despite being really busy running my business, I still make sure I find time to sew. It was one of the reasons I wanted to set up the haberdashery and sewing school so that I could have more time to be creative.

I sew between a few places. The studio at my shop is amazing for tracing and cutting out as there is so much space to really spread out. I’ve got cutting tables, too that are the same height as a kitchen worktop so it’s a lot easier on the back and means I don’t have to scramble on the floor.

I usually do the actually sewing at home. In my spare room I have a little desk and the ironing board is always set up so I use that as a makeshift workstation.

What’s your top sewing tip or sewing secret?
Get yourself a decent steam iron and ironing board and press your work as you go along. It makes everything so much easier and neater to sew and will give your projects a much more professional finish.

Complete the sentence: One thing ever sewer can relate to… getting so engrossed in a project that you realize it’s the middle of the night and you should really have gone to bed hours ago!

What’s your good read suggestion? Do you have a favorite sewing book or go-to blog where you find inspiration?
I love reading sewing and lifestyle blogs and use Bloglovin to keep track of all their updates. I don’t think I could pick a favorite. I love them all from the one man band blogs that share their makes to the big blogs of the indie pattern companies with all their tutorials and style inspirations.

What’s your favourite project in Simply Sewing magazine?
The little baby booties are adorable! My friend is about to have a baby so I’ll definitely be making some for her. I also love the transformation of the oversized t-shirt to the peplum top – its gorgeous! And I’m really looking forward to the top with the vertical pin tucks in the next issue.

Simply Sewing issue 1

Download the pattern for Lauren’s dress in Simply Sewing issue 1 here

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