Errata: Bowling Bag Issue 47

Simply Sewing bowling bag sewing pattern

Whoops! In Simply Sewing magazine issue 47, there was an error in the bowling bag instructions on pages 52-54.

Cutting out: step one

This should say ‘Cut out the templates‘. There is no need to print any templates as they are included in the pattern envelope.

Making the top panel: step one

This should read ‘Draw a 61×1.5cm (24x58in) rectangle in the centre of the WS of the top panel lining.’ This is an error in the cm/inches conversions.

Making the outer bag: step one

Take one of the bag outer pieces and place an assembled outer pocket piece on top with the lining side of the outer pocket facing the right side (RS) of the bag outer. Then pin a body piping piece all around the edge of the two pieces with RS together. You will be pinning three layers together so work carefully to avoid missing any of the layers. As you pin the piping to the top edge fold the handbag handles down out of the way. At the bottom edge, cross the piping ends over each other with the ends pointing downwards.

Making the outer bag: step two

The first sentence of step two should read: Begin stitching the piping to the outer piece and outer pocket at the cross-over point.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this error. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at simplysewing[at]

The Simply Sewing team x