How to tie the infinity dress!

Multiway dress sewing pattern

When designer Rosee Woodland created her multi-style infinity dress for our latest issue, we knew instantly that it would be a hit. With just a few clever drapes, wraps and twists, the dress can be altered to fit your body shape or the occasion. When issue 21 hit the shops, Rosee started to get questions about the best way to tie the dress… so she’s created a great video to show off her design’s versatile styling options!

Click over to Rosee’s video to see the dress in action. “I designed the dress after making a multi-way top pattern I found online,” she explains. “I loved the idea, but in reality the finished item wasn’t very wearable, so I came up with this flattering wrap dress. The chest circumference given seems huge, but this is so you can wrap it in lots of different ways.”

You can find the full tutorial for how to make Rosee’s Multi-way dress in issue 21 of Simply Sewing magazine, or take a look at her How to tie your origami dress video to see how to style it. If you’re making Rosee’s dress, as always don’t forget to tag us when you share your pics online with the hashtag #simplysewmag