History of fashion series: the 1980s

Welcome to the second installment of Simply Sewing’s vintage fashion blog – our time-travelling trip through style. We began in the 1990s, and this time it’s the turn of the much-maligned 80s.

Simply Sewing issue 12

As the new year commences, we’re looking for new ways to spend more quality time with the family and with our sewing machines. You might even call it our new year’s resolution! That’s why we’ve packed Simply Sewing issue 12 with quick makes for the kids, your home and you. Here’s a peek at what’s… Continue reading

Simply Sewing issue 12 templates

Download the sewing patterns for Simply Sewing now! Get the full instructions for the sewing patterns in issue 12, out now. Here are the downloads: • Use pattern sheet to sew playroom makes, a raccoon toy and the By Hand London sew along dress. • Full-sized templates from inside this issue. Simply Sewing 12, on sale now. Available from all good… Continue reading

The Charlie Dress

We big fans of By Hand London‘s stylish sewing patterns, so we were super excited to collaborate with the talented ladies behind the label to bring you an exclusive circle-skirt dress sew along in Simply Sewing issues 12 and 13. “Aloha! What we love most about sewing at By Hand London HQ is the power… Continue reading

Friday Frock: Named’s Olivia dress

At this time of year, our minds turn to sewing the ultimate Christmas frock – one that’s flattering and comfortable even after we’ve scoffed a festive feast, all the mince pies and a few rounds of cheese and biscuits (not to mention several glasses of celebratory fizz).

Simply Sewing loves: party metallics

If you’ve picked up your copy of our latest issue, you’ll know that we love a good party at Simply Sewing HQ – the more glitz, the better! We just couldn’t resist getting our sewing machines out and stitching up fabulous party makes – in candy-hued fabrics with touches of gold for maximum glam-factor. It’s… Continue reading

History of fashion series: the 1990s

Welcome to our new history of fashion blog series, in which we’ll be rummaging through more than a century of styles to inspire today’s stitchers.

Simply Sewing issue 11

In Simply Sewing issue 11, we’re putting on the glitz with decorations, party-worthy outfits and gorgeous gifts galore.

Simply Sewing issue 11 templates

Download the sewing patterns for Simply Sewing now! Get the full instructions for the sewing patterns in issue 11, out now.

Know-how: what to look for when buying a sewing machine

With so many makes and models on the market, buying a sewing machine can be a daunting process. That’s why we’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to help you on your way…