Sewalong with Charlie

The Charlie Dress sewing pattern

Good news! We’ve found the perfect dressmaking project for you to have fun with over the bank holiday weekend. Our friends at By Hand London are planning an online sewalong to walk you through how to make the Charlie Dress! The team will be posting to their blog and social media every step of the way, starting this weekend – we can’t wait!

If you’re new to sewalongs, they’re a great way to come together with other sewists and gain confidence with dressmaking. By Hand London will be breaking down the process of how to make the Charlie dress in a series of blog and social media posts starting on Monday 29th August. They’ll walk you through every aspect of making the Charlie Dress, from choosing the right fabric to altering the pattern for a perfect fit, cutting, marking and stabilising your fabric, and of course assembling the dress. And if this isn’t your first time dressmaking, they’ll be plenty of fun stuff for more experienced sewists too.

The beauty of the Charlie Dress sew along is that you can join in from absolutely anywhere in the world without having to leave the comfort of your sewing room – all you need is the downloadable PDF Charlie dress sewing pattern, some fabric and your sewing room supplies. Make sure to show off your finished creation by posting your pics online with the hashtag #charliedress.

The Charlie Dress pattern

If you haven’t come across it before, the Charlie dress is is one of our all-time-favourite sewing patterns to appear in Simply Sewing magazine, as it was named after our very own Editor, Charlie Moorby (you can see her modelling it, above!). The pattern first came to life last summer, when Charlie commissioned the By Hand London team to create a flattering, elegant dress with a beautiful floaty skirt, to appear in this February’s issue of Simply Sewing magazine. When the pattern was ready, Charlie was so excited to see the first paper samples arrive in the Simply Sewing office that she couldn’t wait and made her own dress using our cardstock printer proofs.

Charlie talks about her fondness for her namesake sewing pattern in our latest issue of Simply Sewing magazine, and if you like the look of the finished dress, click on over to on Monday to join in with their sewalong and download the Charlie dress sewing pattern!