5 times Claudia Winkleman stole the show on the Great British Sewing Bee

The Great British Bake Off may have the dream double-act that is Mel and Sue, but The Great British Sewing Bee’s presenter Claudia Winkleman gives them a run for their money when it comes to cheesy puns, witty comebacks, and, of course, offering the contestants a sympathetic shoulder to cry on when it all goes wrong (plus, her eyeliner is always on point, which wins instant respect from us).

So, in homage to the shiny-haired queen of the sewing room, we’ve compiled a list of classic Claudia moments on the Bee.

1. The time her hair shined brighter than the sun.
Oh, wait – that’s all the time. How does she do it? We need her hair secrets, and we need them now. Here’s her hair looking as shiny as ever in the trailer for the new Sewing Bee series. Sigh.


2. All the times she gave it a go.
Knowing very little about sewing has never stopped Claudia from giving it a try, and for that we salute her.


3. The time she tried her hand at mannequin-whispering.
Proof that Claudia will do anything to help the contestants in their hour of need.


4. The time she was the perfect gal pal.
Because sometimes we could all do with a little pep talk from Claudia. Can she come and sew with us, please?


5. The time she tried, and failed, to talk sewing.
Let’s be honest – the blank look on Claudia’s face when Ryan talks about edgestitching is the look we all do when we hear a sewing term we’ve never come across before.


The Great British Sewing Bee returns to BBC2 at 9pm on Monday 16th May.

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