Colour stories: back to black

Versatile, timeless and oh-so-flattering, it’s no wonder we love to wear black. Not strictly a colour (scientists say black is simply the absence of light), wearing black didn’t come into fashion until the 20th Century. Our Colour Stories series continues…

Colour stories: blue crush

After our race through the rainbow, we’re feeling blue this month – and no wonder, as apparently it’s the world’s favourite colour. With its infinite variety of shades, from palest sky (like this beautiful vintage coat by blogger Ami of The Little Tailoress) to deepest navy, it’s wearable, practical and always on-trend.

Colour stories: mellow yellow

We’re taking a whirl through the colour wheel for a look back at the sartorial history of our favourite hues – and, after hot-to-trot red and last month’s juicy orange, comes the sunniest shades of all: yellow.

Colour stories: Orange is the new black

oliver-bonas dress

After last month’s powerful, seductive red, we continue on our journey through the shades of the rainbow with a look at its vibrant sister: orange! After all, ’tis the season for pumpkin lattes, toffee apples, cosy fires and falling leaves, so what better time to delve into the fashion history behind this zingy shade? (Oh, and before we… Continue reading