Simply Sewing meets: GBSB’s Jen

The Great British Sewing Bee series 5 Jen Hogg

Jen lives in Glasgow with her husband Neil, children Cameron and Kirsty and the family dog, Archie. A former litigation solicitor and then small business owner, she put work on hold in 2016 to spend more time with her family. With an empty nest looming she has recently agreed to lead a local knitting class… Continue reading

Simply Sewing meets: Sewing Bee series 5’s Janet

Great British Sewing Bee series 5 Janet

A whizz with jersey and GBSB‘s unofficial sewing guru, Janet left the Sewing Bee sewing room this week – sob! Janet lives in North Yorkshire with her husband of 48 years, David and their dog. As a little girl, Janet was taught to sew by her Italian mother and at 16 was making her own… Continue reading

Simply Sewing meets: GBSB’s Mercedes

With her good nature and creative dressmaking skills, Mercedes will be very missed in the GBSB sewing room after her departure in episode 5 – and there must be something in our eyes as she gets tearful remembering her nan and sharing the philosophy of “sleep well and sew”. Words to live by, Mercedes.

Simply Sewing meets: Great British Sewing Bee’s Alexei

The Great British Sewing Bee series 5 Alexei

Oh, Alexei. We all wanted his stunning maxi dress from 1970s week, didn’t we? It’s always sad to see a sewist leave the GBSB sewing room, but we’re not ashamed to admit that Alexei’s inspiring goodbye speech had us welling up – it was a heartfelt reminder of the soothing power of sewing. This multi-talented… Continue reading