How do you show off your stash?

Haberdashery House set

We’re seriously smitten with this month’s subscriber offer… this beautiful haberdashery house set. It’s got the whole team rethinking how we organise our own stash supplies for best effect at home. From peg board inspiration boards to jam jars-full of notions, we want to know how you’ve set up your own sewing room – share a photo with… Continue reading

Save £££ for your fabric shopping!

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This month we’ve got a gobsmackingly tempting offer for anyone searching for a sewing magazine subscription. Subscribe to Simply Sewing magazine and we’ll knock a whopping 40% off the shop price of your favourite sewing magazine.  We’ve done the maths and this works out as £3.59 per issue, rather than the shop price of £5.99. Plus you’ll never miss an… Continue reading

Last chance! Get 5 issues for £5

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Start the week by treating yourself to a little sewing therapy! There are only a few days left before our chance to get 5 issues for £5 comes to an end – the offer runs out this Friday so why not snap it up and subscribe today? And if that’s not enough of a sewing hit to… Continue reading

Dream Wardrobe with Fabric Godmother

Imagine getting a parcel every month, exclusively selected for you. It contains a pattern, fabric and all the required notions to make your own clothes, in your own style. Sounds like the stuff sewing dreams are made of, right? Cue Fabric Godmother’s new aptly titled venture, Dream Wardrobe, which sends you everything you need to… Continue reading